A truly green hotel

Using the natural resources that surround the hotel as well as disused space and buildings, we produce all of our own heat and electricity.

In 2012 we constructed our very own hydro system that uses the natural flow of water from Loch Brandy. The Hydro allows us to not only create enough electricity to power the hotel, the steading and all of the lodges but also on good days an excess that can be sold to the national grid. We are currently trying to investigate the possibility of producing our own power when we have a power cut as unfortunately we still don’t escape these!

A couple of years later in 2014 we recognised there was an opportunity to produce our own heat via a Heizomat Biomass Boiler. This boiler uses wood from trees that are grown only 3 to 4 miles from the hotel and not only heats the hotel, but also The Steading, our Lodges and our staff housing. So effectively we are completely green!

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Our historic country hotel dates back to the Drovers Inn of the 1850’s. The charm and history has been carefully preserved combined with all you need for modern day living, making this the ultimate Scottish get away.

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