Scottish Wedding

Scottish wedding traditions

27th June, 2024

Scottish wedding traditions

For wedding couples getting married here at Glen Clova, here's our guide to some Scottish wedding customs and traditions, which you might like to incorporate into your day. Of course, every couple is different, and every wedding is different too. At Glen Clova, you have the flexibility to have your day your own way. If you're planning a traditional Scottish wedding, here are a few ideas...

Luckenbooth brooch

A Luckenbooth is a silver brooch featuring a heart and crown within the design. Traditionally given as a love token before a wedding. This makes a lovely and thoughtful gift for your fiance, which they can also wear on the big day.

Tartan touches

A touch of tartan is always a good idea at a Scottish wedding. Whether that's a tartan ribbon tied around your flowers or tartan table runners and decorations. If you have ties to particular clan, you could use your clan's tartan. Traditionally, a Scottish groom wears a tartan kilt and full formal Highland dress.

Tartan Kilt

Quaich (Loving cup)

Traditionally filled with whisky, the couple may choose to drink from this two-handled cup as part of the wedding ceremony. One person holds the cup for the other and vice-versa to signify trust. Or it could be passed around friends and family at the reception, with each guest taking a sip.

Handfasting ceremony

The term "tying the knot" actually comes from a Celtic tradition called handfasting. The act of tying the couples hands together with cord or ribbon signified their commitment to one another. Although no longer legally-binding, handfasting can still be a meaningful and memorable part of your wedding ceremony. It can be performed by your celebrant or indeed anyone of your choosing.

Handfasting Ceremony

Ceilidh dancing

A ceilidh is a Scottish dance, a bit like a barn dance. A ceilidh band plays traditional Scottish folk music and calls out the steps to the dances, so everyone can join in. This can be great fun for the evening reception.

Bagpipe music

Hire a traditional Scottish piper dressed in their finest to welcome your guests. They can play as you walk down the aisle and at other key moments in the proceedings. You can discuss with your piper which tunes you'd like them to play, from old Scottish classics to some modern songs.

Scottish piper playing the bagpipes

Barn weddings

In times gone by, families in rural Scottish communities held their weddings on their own farms, making use of livestock barns and other large spaces. Today, the popularity of barn wedding venues has really taken off. Couples often choose them for their rustic charm, unique atmosphere and picturesque rural settings. So we are pleased to introduce barn weddings here at Glen Clova, coming soon in spring 2025. Take a look here and then contact us for more information.